Vertigo is just what it’s title suggests–disorienting. Don’t be fooled by the retro style and monochrome color scheme, this puzzle platformer will have you thinking in new and uncomfortable ways with its novel use of gravity and screen wrapping.  Featuring original music by Andrew Wheeler (halc).

Download it here.  Linux version here.  OSX version here.

For those having problems with the screen resolution, windowed versions:

Windows Windowed   Linux Windowed   OSX Windowed

Size: 8.7 Mb

Time: 2-5 hours depending on your skill

Controls:  arrow keys to move, Z to jump, and X to shoot.

Some antiviruses get a false positive with the windows executable, it’s simply an issue with how Game-Editor, the IDE used to make Vertigo, exports its executables.  I assure you there is no malware included.

See the comments for instructions on running the Linux and OSX files.


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36 Responses to “Vertigo”

  • Metal96 says:

    This game is ridiculously fantastic.

  • Baub the Frog says:

    Nintendo made a game for their gameboys that reminds me of this game, but I haven’t played it so who knows. It is called vvvvvvv, and it looks like they took graphics and gravity mainipulation directly from your game, with a little tweaking. 6 V’s come on, that sounds fishy to me.

    • Xolroc says:

      It has to be mentioned that VVVVVV is not made by Nintendo, nor is it on the Gameboy. It’s an indie game, styled after C64 games.

  • zygoth says:

    I hadn’t heard of it before…Actually, the engine for Vertigo was done by a friend from the Game-Editor forums, he made the first 2 levels and then got tired of working on it. I asked if I could pick it up and make it into a complete game. So I can’t claim to be completely original anyway.

  • Baub the Frog says:

    The VVVVVV game just came out last year, so maybe they stole the idea from you. you should sue.

  • zygoth says:

    I don’t really think of it as a competition…this is freeware, and theirs is being sold. I’ll be happy if some sites like jayisgames review Vertigo and post it up for people to play.

  • joyrex says:

    i tried to launch it in OSX and this is what i get:

    This game requires a screen resolution (320×240).
    Please, change the machine resolution or contact the game vendor.

  • wggc says:

    Trying to download the OSX version, but i got a html page instead. If i save as, i can only save as html. Tried to rename to .dmg and .pkg but no luck. What is the format of the file so i can play it on my macbook? Thnaks, the game looks fantastic and fun ;)

  • Spencer says:

    The Mac link appears to be broken? I tried right clicking it “Save Link As…” and renaming the file so my computer would think it was an app and not a webpage, but even then I got “You can’t open the application because the Classic environment is no longer supported”. Any thoughts?

  • N427 says:

    Guys, VVVVVV is not a clone of this game.

    VVVVVV came out on PC in 2010. Just recently they re-released it for Nintendo DS.

    Anyway, great game! Still playing it though, I’m stuck on level 4.

  • meep says:

    I decided to take a break after level 2 and tripped over the ceiling.

  • annandul says:

    What file type is the Linux version supposed to be? I ended up with an HTML file with garbled text.

  • vic says:

    the mac installer seems broken – Safari gives me a .html; i try to change extension in ;app or .dmg, doesn’t work.

  • provenxcynic says:

    Hey, are you aware that the .exe contains a TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen Trojan?

  • zygoth says:

    Whoa! Traffic! I’ll try to answer all your questions…

    To play in Linux and Mac I believe it’s necessary to open a terminal window.

    1. Navigate to the folder with the executable (remove any extension, I dunno why it downloads that way. I’ll try to fix)
    2. Type “chmod +x example.exe” replacing “example.exe” with the name of the file. (ex. VertigoOSX)
    3. Then type “./example.exe”

    I’ll look into ways to make it easier…to be honest I’m not a Mac user and had never been able to test it until this week when I’m at a friend’s house. It’s not an app yet. I’ll look into it to see if I can make it one though, seems like it would be easier for people to deal with. The Linux file needs no extension.

    About the resolution…I wasn’t sure if that would be a problem or not, it’s not a common program resolution after all. In response, I’ll be posting windowed versions up within the next couple of hours. You can try the alt-enter thing in windows, or a compromise would be to lower your screen’s resolution as much as you can so the window looks bigger. Let me know if you come up with a good solution, I’ll be fooling around with it to try to make it work better too.

    And finally, about the trojan…I’m confused. I can assure you I am not spreading malware, it must be some element of the way Game-Editor exports its executables that is getting flagged as virus code. What antivirus did you use? I might mention it to the developers of Game-Editor so they can look into it.

  • jolson42 says:

    Trying to run the Mac version, I get:
    “This game requires a screen resolution (320×240).
    Please, change the machine resolution or contact the game vendor.”
    I’m going to try the windowed version…

  • bluh says:

    anyway to play this in windowed mode?

  • sharklaser says:

    Hi, i posted this on rockpapershotgun; “i liked this game, it is very nice until, until! level 7, tower of terror. at that level, game lost its puzzle part and gained torture feature. so it is torture platformer : ) i would like to see this in mafor platforms as a full game , i would definitely buy it, however can i request more puzzle involving and less torturing levels : )”

    buut after again 1 hour, i still couldn’t pass level 7 : ) so i wanted to come and complain directly to you hehe. i am really stuck and i am obsessed with it. so. i climbed right side of the tower at the start of the level but i cant jump to the left side. i am there literally for hours. is there a trick that i didnt see or i have to jump so super incredibly 1 pixel accurate?

  • zygoth says:

    It’s possible, you just have to time the jump late enough… :P Wouldn’t want it to be too easy, would you? Just be glad I put a checkpoint in level 8. Heh heh heh heh…
    But seriously, I’ll think about it. It is often hard for me to know when something is too much because I’m so familiar with the engine.

    Thank you for your support, by the way. What I really want to do is make a level loader that can load from a simple text file so that anybody can make their own levels. There are a few issues to overcome, but I would love to see people make their own levels so that there are more and so that there are other ideas besides just mine. Kinda like Nifflas did with Knytt Stories, only it would work better with Vertigo.

    • billyswong says:

      To me the issue of level 7 is, my hand is not pixel/millisecond perfect. The unforgiving nature of level 7 makes any tiny mistakes fatal. Climbing the ladder, after a lot practice, is hard enough to me. Getting that jumping right is like, what, let me give up.

      (I did see the devil ceiling block. It is devil)

      • zygoth says:

        Hrm…you’re probably right. I think I’ll make a few changes and upload a new version soon.

      • billyswong says:

        Makeing the left bottom teeth non-fatal would have been a lot of help.
        (I don’t mind cleaning that teeth out too ;) )

  • Jack says:

    The Mac links appear to be broken for me. They both show as HTML pages.

    • zygoth says:

      You have to click “save as…” then save it as a file with no extension. See comment # 11 for details…

      • James says:

        I still couldn’t get it to work. I’ve never really used terminal before. Am I supposed to be doing step 1 in a terminal window?

        I changed the filename in finder to VertigoOSX with no extension, and then tried the instructions in the terminal window. Here is what happened:

        unknownb88d1244684a:~ whatever$ chmod +x VertigoOSX
        chmod: VertigoOSX: No such file or directory
        unknownb88d1244684a:~ whatever$ ./VertigoOSX
        -bash: ./VertigoOSX: No such file or directory
        unknownb88d1244684a:~ whatever$ “chmod +x VertigoOSX.html”
        -bash: chmod +x VertigoOSX.html: command not found
        unknownb88d1244684a:~ whateverl$ “chmod +x VertigoOSX”
        -bash: chmod +x VertigoOSX: command not found

  • billyswong says:

    There really should be an intro telling people pressing [z] and [x] to jump and shoot. I am extremely confused until I found this info elsewhere.

  • zygoth says:

    I would guess it’s the “whatever$” part that is the problem. :P Did you navigate to the directory where the file was? It sounds like you are doing the right thing in the wrong directory. See here for instructions on using the Mac terminal: Really, you just need the ls and cd commands to get you to the right directory.

  • James says:

    For that post I just changed the directory name to “whatever” so it didn’t show my full name. Looked at that link and played around with it a bit more and got it to work, thanks.

  • billyswong says:

    Wow! The level 7 tower! I finally climb it! Hurray!

  • zygoth says:

    Haha, congrats.

  • th3mon says:


    Great game!

    P. S. My site is only in Polish. Sorry for that ;-) .

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