With a difficulty level that has been described as “game-breakingly bad,” (see the Bytten review here) Nova is a space-shooter that will probably annoy the heck out of you.  It was my first attempt at creating a game and took 2 years in development thanks to my complete inexperience in programming when I started.  I’ll admit, it’s not the easiest game out there, and there are some pacing issues.  But the music is good, the graphics are shiny, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time working on it, so humor me by giving it a try.

Download it here.

Size: 25 Mb   (sorry!)

Time:  4 hours if you’re good…10 if not

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5 Responses to “Nova”

  • Baub the Frog says:

    You say 10 hours if your aren’t good, buti in all honesty, i played this game for four hours, couldn’t get past the first set of levels, punched a hole in my monitor in frustration for having to keep restarting from the very beginning, so this free game cost me a new monitor

  • Baub the Frog says:


  • zygoth says:

    I would go back to change it, but the source code is lost now. Lol…it’s not exactly my best work, but it was my first.

  • good stuff. needs to be looked into more.

  • DrWorm says:

    I didn’t think it was that hard…but it does get a lot easier after you get the shield.

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